Thursday, May 15, 2008

What happened to April ??

I have been super duper slack in updating my blog.
My apologies no excuses, I have been really busy, but haven't we all?

So where do I start?

April began with IM Australia, as a spectator on the back of a motorbike! It was really reeeeally interesting seeing the race from that perspective. I was following the Pro women and it was a two horse affair. It was great for Port to have two World Class women racing each other. Chrissie really didn't take control until the last lap of the bike, where she really put the hammer down to catch Kate and take the lead. Up until that point she looked like she was battling to not let Kate get too far away. Kate rode really well; she was pulling a tonne of age group men for a long time, and looked so strong.
Chrissie flew out of T2 after a pretty quick transition and didn't look back. I think she took the right tactic- take it out fast. And she maintained it, which was a phenomenal run for that course after such a challenging ride.
Congrats to both of them though, an amazing race.

The TriSpecific group did really well, and I was really happy to see my training partners all achieve their goals.- 3 Kona qualifiers and countless PBs.
I know it is extremely satisfying for Kristian as a coach to see the training paid off. The group worked hard and it showed on race day- they were ready.

What came next...?
Almost every weekend was taken up at Expos with Trigger Point- IM Aus, Canberra Marathon, then the Australian Fitness Expo. They were all really successful and I have never done so much talking. Exhausting! Give me a 200k bike ride any day.

I also aged up! I turned 35. I have joined a new bracket:)
It was a great day. Our most successful expo day so far with TP by a country mile, and finished off at our favourite local burger joint- "bite me"mmmmm.

After all the expos it was a quick build for Busselton Half Ironman on May from that coming next.


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