Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scody Photo Shoot

On November 7th in Port Macquarie, some of Team Scody got together for a photo shoot for the upcoming Scody Catalog; myself, Bek Keat, Tim Berkel, Adam Holborrow and Kristian. Unfortunately, typical Port Mac, it rained and was pretty miserable, but we got the work done, and had a few laughs along the way...Here are some of my favorite shots...
Kristian and Adam Holborrow

It was a great opportunity to get to know their top designer, Aggie, and really gratifying for her to see her creations looking so good in action. They are such a friendly group of people at Scody. They take great pride in their work, and are always looking to improve on fabrics and designs. As a sponsored athlete it's really great to be consulted in the design operation and be part of their research and development process.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

to you all.
Hope you have a lovely day.

You have to excuse Kristian in his dick stickers, he has German blood in him:)

Kristian and I spent the morning at the beach, and then came home for French toast with mango, strawberries and passionfruit, and maybe a teenie weenie bit of maple syrup and yogurt:) Yummy.
Off to lunch with my step-brother-in-law's-father, and his family. And dinner with Belinda and Justin Granger. Noice one!
This must be the first Christmas Day since I started triathlon that I'm not doing any kind of training session. I feel a bit naughty!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is coming, the Goose is getting fat!

and so is Charlotte!:)
So, time to get back into training...

It's been just over 2 weeks since Ironman. I've had 2 weeks of "movement" but nothing structured and no training. I did things like swim in the ocean, body surf, go for short hikes and walk along the beach...nothing too energetic! But importantly I didn't totally stop either. I gave myself a physical and mental break from routine and the discipline, but I kept moving.

It's always my biggest break of the year, after IM WA, and the timing is really good with Christmas. I've eaten all of the things I would normally eat very rarely like pizza, burgers, ice cream, pasta, potato chips, bread, mince pies:) Its a total break for me. I even read some junk too!

If I take too long off, it becomes increasingly difficult to come back. When we stop our body goes into "flight mode". The is no "fight" in the systems since our hormones are shut down and not available, and we become flat. Whilst we do want the systems to recover we don't want to lose everything we've worked so hard to develop.

This week I am back training again. But I'm easing back into it this week, letting my body find its routine again, and stimulating the systems.
During this first week, I can slowly wake up the systems back into "fight mode" whilst still recovering. I'll be doing strength, speed, motor skills and race tolerance work without the volume. There will definitely be no long and slow work. Unless I want to race long and slow:)
I follow "The Method" approach of inverted periodization which focuses on developing technique,strength and speed first and endurance closer to your event(s).

To read more on how my training is structured with ironguides, read this article by Sergio Borges, ironguides Coach - San Diego, CA

Or about why NOT to go long and slow right now, read this article by Vinnie Santana, ironguides Coach - Bangkok, Thailand
"If you are a long-distance triathlete, forget those hours and hours on the bike early in the year. Instead of the usual 4-6h rides with your group or on the trainer, how about a Time Trial with some training partners? Or a strength oriented set in a bigger gear and low cadence? Same with the run and swim. Focus on speed, strength, and holding a perfect technique while doing this, then once the racing season gets closer, shift your training to a specific plan."... read more


Saturday, December 20, 2008

My husbands most ANNOYING habit.

I make lunch for us, put it on the table, and call him from his office, where he's been working at the computer all morning...I have saved up all the things I want to tell him or talk to him about, because I try not to disturb him when he's working...he comes out, only once he is sure the plate has hit the table- I think he listens for the chink! Then...he comes out of his office...sits down, and grabs anything nearby that he can read, and he's in another world again! How rude!:)

CAUGHT! See the cheeky grin!
He makes me laugh, he knows it annoys me, he just can't help himself. He even has to read on the loo. I call him the sponge, absorb, absorb, absorb!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last minute Present for a loved triathlete??

TP Therapy online store in the US has a special Christmas offer.


There's still JUST enough time!
You won't be disappointed.

I use TP Products daily to prevent injury and maximize muscle length and range of motion.
30 minutes a day is all it takes me, lying on the floor, in my own home.
They are just like my toothbrush, brushing daily keeps my dentist away!

Why do I use them?

They make my muscles feel great.
If I feel sore, tight or have a niggle, I can treat it straight away. I don't have to wait for an appointment to see someone, I can get to work immediately on it. So I can get back out training- faster!
The products come with tonnes of education to empower you to take care of yourself.
To save money on trips to the masseur.
To save time on trips to the masseur!
They're time efficient and easy to use.
They can be packed easily to take with you on training camps and to races.
Less time injured= More time to train= I go fast!

Australians can purchase here

The SECRET to FAST transitions

My good friend and ironguides athlete, Jarrod Hudson, was so intent on getting a personal record at Ironman Western Australia, that he decided it would be quicker not to take off his swim cap for the bike leg:)

Jarrod didn't realize that he had his swim cap on until he was in T2 and went to put his visor on, and felt something rubbery!
I can't believe that in 30 degree heat he didn't feel it.
He did go on to a personal record finish in 9:25. All in the super fast transitions!
As you can imagine this story and photo has given us much pleasure, and will probably keep us entertained for a while to come...Thank you Jarrod X
And thank you Aaron for the use of the photo.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

R&R Sunshine Coast Style

Its tough...the day starts with a pre brekky dip in the Pacific, with a lesson in body surfing. I'm a big girls blouse when it comes to actually catching a wave. But when I do, I love it.
You wouldn't recognise me as a triathlete; I take forever to get in the water, first I dip the toes, then up to the ankles, then the knees. It has nothing to do with the water temperature- its 24 degrees! It's just the way I've learnt from my Mum, and her Mum:) They did have cold water to brave, and I've inherited their ways!
You would not believe that at 7am its scorching hot, and you could really wear sunscreen.

We've bought the Queensland essential- a BBQ. No home is complete up here without one. Cooking indoors is just way too hot! Last night we had our Hawaiian favourite- Mahi Mahi with papaya and pear salsa- yummmy. Kristian is very happy with his first ever BBQ purchase- and I am happy since the BBQ is his domain- I prep- he cooks.

The man at work- Its so tough, he needs a beer!
He's wearing the Queensland uniform- boardies and wife beater:)

Post Workout Recovery- THE SHAKE!

This is my Post Workout Recovery shake.

The first 30 minutes post training are the most crucial time to kick start the recovery process. At this time your body is the most receptive to the nutrients you provide it, namely carbohydrate.
Your body right now will absorb carbohydrates 2-3 times faster than a few hours post training. It is also primed to take in protein more effectively.

Quicker recovery= More Quality training= GO FASTER!!!
I would have this after any intense or long sessions...ENJOY!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

WA Photos

The following 2 photos courtesy of Andrew Sawatske, HiTide Photography

Kristian on his way to winning his age group in 8:58!

Yep, thats the jetty we swim all the way round! Great for spectators.
Awards Night, and yes I had some beers! Time to celebrate! 2008 started off very badly, but ended off very well. Its a big relief for both of us to have our Kona spots already. Kristian might not do another IM now till Kona, but I am free to choose the ones I want to race.


IM WA as it unfolded

Going into this race as defending champion was very cool.
Race week was amazing, with so many people coming up and wishing me all the best. I had a few more media commitments this year, and I found it fun to do.
I felt great, training had been near perfect, and I was excited to be racing in my favourite location, Busselton, WA.

I knew that my main competition would come from Gina Ferguson and Lisbeth Kristensen. With such strong girls I would have to be on my game to regain my title. But I was confident that win or lose, I was going to have a great race. I would give it everything, and that’s the best I could do.

As the stakes are getting higher, my sleep the night before race day is getting shorter and shorter☺. My heart was pumping out of my chest and my mind would not stop thinking. But remarkably race morning I felt rested and ready to go.

Race day was still, clear skies and it seemed like we were in for a fast day☺
Game on! There was talk of the World Record…My first goal was to win, and I knew that to do that I would have to go faster than last year. I was right! I thought that with Gina and I pushing each other we might get near to the record mark, but certainly sub 9.

Unfortunately my swim let me down from the start, and I gave myself a 7-minute insurmountable deficit to Gina. I swam 57:35, to her 50:30, which was in fact the gap between us at the end of the day. I wasn’t thinking that I’d lost it at the time; I just got on with the race. Again I don’t think my swim reflected my swim training times. I just think I’ve got myself into a confidence lacking rut!

The bike felt great. I was racing on my new Kestrel Airfoil SE, and it felt fantastic, definitely stiffer and lighter than my last Airfoil. Scody had made me a race kit to match my new bike, and Oakley had given me a set of Endures to coordinate- I felt awesome. Never underestimate the “look good, feel good, feel fast, go fast” factor!

So the bike leg went quickly. I pushed hard the whole way. Kristian didn’t catch me this time! I wanted to average 3 x 1hour 38 min laps. I think the first 2 were very close, but the wind had really picked up by the last lap, to give me a 4:59, very similar to last year. I was really proud of the way I rode, pretty much entirely solo and well paced. I felt focused, strong and in control and I was confident to push hard and know I would still be able to run.

I was watching at each turn around for where Gina and I crossed. She was riding strong too, and I didn’t gain on her as I’d hoped. Lisbeth was only a few minutes ahead of me off the bike and I was confident I could out run her. There was also a young unknown, Kat Baker just a few minutes ahead too. She’d had an awesome day up till then, and I just hoped she wouldn’t be able to run!

Onto the run I was on a mission! It’s a totally flat run course, and I believed a sub 3-hour run was totally doable. I still do! However I didn’t manage to pull it off. Looking at my watch splits now I can see where I went wrong...

I took off fast. I had 10 minutes to make up, and I was going to give it a crack. Gina’s a strong runner, but usually not as quick as me. And if I ran sub 3, I thought the win would be mine. I caught both Lisbeth and Kat within the first 5kms. (Lisbeth ended up having to pull out due to stomach upset, and Kat had a breakthrough 3rd place in her first IM.)

I was thinking- catch Gina early, so that there’s no sprint finish or her finding a super-human effort to hang on to her lead. So I hit my watch at the first 2km marker and it said 8 mins 21. Perfect I thought. That was the pace I needed to give me a 2.56 marathon. So the next 2 kms I stayed at the same pace, and hit my watch again, 7 min 51! I was thinking what happened there? The markers must be out. What I didn’t realise at the time, and I only do now from looking at my watch, is that my first 2 km split included my T2 time!! Uh-oh. And I was trying to maintain that pace, wondering why it felt so hard!

So despite best efforts, I gained on Gina for the first 2 of the 3 laps, but faded on the third. I had heaps of people giving me splits, and thank you all so much for that; it drove me on! Starting lap 3 the gap was down to 6 minutes, but I just didn’t have anything left for lap 3. And I can see now why I didn’t☺.

I ran a 3:06, to give me 9:06:34 and 2nd place.
I was an emotional wreck at the finish! I was exhausted, and teary, and when I found out that Tim had won the mens I balled uncontrollably! I was so happy for him.

The atmosphere on the run was awesome. I had so much support from the crowd I loved every minute of it. The sun was shining and the views of the beach and turquoise waters of Geographe Bay were absolutely stunning.

I loved being IM Western Australia Champ in 07, and I really wanted that feeling again. The buzz of coming down the finish chute in 1st place is what has driven me in my training. And it will continue to drive me on. I gave it everything on Sunday, but it wasn’t enough. But I’m happy. Gina is a class athlete and she deserved the win this time, but we will meet again☺

My husband and ironguides coach stole the limelight this year by winning his age group- the first time he has been on the podium in IM- with another sub 9, 8:58. Like all age groupers he battled work commitments to get to the start line, but his consistency paid off.

For the first time in a long time I let my hair down at Awards Night! It’s been a turbulent year, but it got better and better, and I’ve ended it on a high. I now look forward to exploring my new location on the Sunshine Coast, hitting the beaches and kicking back until Christmas.

Thanks to my husband and coach, Kristian Manietta, my biggest fan, whose constant thirst for knowledge has brought me to ironguides and The Method. To my supporters and sponsors, whose belief in me is so encouraging, and whose help I honestly can’t do without, many thanks. Also the race organizers for having me back again for the 5th time; I love your race.

2009 will be bigger and better!


Kestrel * Scody * ironguides * Nike

Blue Seventy * TriTravel * High5 Sports Nutrition

Timex * BioCeuticals Sports Supplements

3T * Zipp * Oakley * TP Therapy

Aquashop * Compex * Hypo2 * Alkalife

Monday, December 8, 2008

2nd at IMWA

Just a quick post...

I had a great day to finish in 9 hours and 6 mins. Gina Ferguson was just too strong for me, finishing in 8 hours 59, had a cracking race and broke the course record that I set last year.
The difference between us at the end was all in the swim. Gina biked a couple of mins quicker and vice versa on the run. She led from start to finish and I spent the day chasing!
I gave it everything I had, and there's no more I can do than that.

My husband and ironguides coach, Kristian had his best day in IM so far. He went 8:58 and WON his highly competitive 30-34 age group. The roles have been reversed! I am now "wife of Kristian Manietta", rather than he being "husband of Charlotte Paul":)
I had to attend Hawaii roll down, whilst he collected his spot!
I'm very happy and proud of him.

Full race report coming soon...

Friend Amanda Balding enjoying the finish line party.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Photos of my new home

My messy office. I look forward to organizing it post Busso...
The "double bike garage", that the cars probably been in only once- when it hailed!
The first time we have had a lawn to mow! All we need is 2 kids and a dog.
The second office.
Lovely, lovely SPACE!! Our TP kits can stay out all the time, and we don't trip over them...
The awesome Noosa Aquatic Centre, as you can see it gets pretty crowded on beautiful sunny days.
Our local Beach
It stretches for miles...

Taper begins again!

I'm now just one week away from my last race of the year, Ironman Western Australia in Busselton.

It's one of my all time favorite races and places to be. I feel like a kid at Christmas, I just can't wait to get there! It's my 5th time racing, on their 5th anniversary.

My training has gone exceptionally well in my new home on the Sunshine Coast. I don't feel like I'm at the end of the year, with any kind of fatigue. I feel just the opposite and am jumping out of my skin to race. My fitness has been building since August, and this time of year has historically been great for me. I've grown as an athlete alongside this race, almost always achieving PRs, which made it all the more special to have my first win there last year.

My taper is just one week long, which is perfect. I did a one week taper for the first time in Hawaii and it worked really well. Usually after a couple of weeks of tapering, I am in such a sluggish, lazy, relaxed mode that come race day, I almost don't feel like racing! And there is actually something hormonal going on that explains this. So shortening the taper to just one week allows me to be still in active mode, and on race day I feel ready to go.

If you want to come and say hello, I'll most likely be spending a bit of time helping my husband on the TP Therapy stand at the Expo.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Ironman Race Nutrition Plan

I want to share my race day nutrition plan.
Many people have helped me in the past and I'm now at the point where I don't have any stomach problems and my energy levels are great. We put too much time and energy into these races for them to be ruined by nutrition mistakes. So I wanted to share my wisdom!

I must emphasize that THIS IS WHAT I DO ONLY. I'm not suggesting to anyone to copy this plan. But if you're having problems, this might give you some ideas. I weigh 50kgs and although I don't look like a heavy sweater, from experience I know I loose a lot of electrolytes during races.

I've played around with different things over the 6 years, and 16 Ironman races that I've done. I've tried caffeine pills, amino acids, nuun plus different brands of gels, bars and electrolyte drinks.

I've had races ruined because of too many carbs, not enough electrolytes and too many things going in that I really didn't need. I've also had races where I've been in and out of the toilet along the way...

The best advice I can give from all of this is to KEEP IT SIMPLE!
The essentials for completing Ironman are CARBS, WATER and ELECTROLYTES and this is all you need.

Here is my plan for Ironman and Half Ironman.
It is pretty much the same plan for both races for me.
But with Ironman, you can afford less mistakes!

Race Nutrition starts 2 days prior to race day.

2 days prior is EAT DAY!

My favourite day. I eat a lot. It is too late now to be worrying about being race weight. It's now time to carb load.
I don't worry about reducing fiber intake. I want this food to be out of the system by race day!

Day before race.

Eat pretty much as normal. But I make sure that I am never hungry. I keep well hydrated but don't go nuts. I stay away from high fiber foods such as dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter and seeds. Breakfast would be the biggest meal of the day, and a moderate lunch and dinner. I don't eat a tonne at dinner like some people do.
I would have some low fiber fruits with brekkie- melon, peach, banana. And then snack on an apple mid morning, but then stay off the fruit after that.
A lunch favorite would be quiche with salad. Dinner staple would be rice with teryaki chicken with a few carrots, onions and mushrooms.(No high fiber greens, or brown rice)
This is day when I would snack on sports bars, since they are easily digested, and usually low fiber.
A new pre-race ritual has been ice cream! Its high calorie content is perfect!

Race Day

3 hours before race start;
2 x cans Ensure Plus.- you can get these from most drug stores or Safeway.
water if needed.

For the following couple of hours;
sip on water only

15 mins before to race start;
100 cals with 300mls water.- I use High5 E Source, a carb drink.

Onto the bike...

For the first 15 mins, water only.

From then on,
260 cals per hour
with 1 gram sodium per hour.

I'm pretty meticulous with my calculations. I don't trust scoops that say they are "20 grams" or whatever. I carry scales with me, and weigh all the amounts.

So my calories are all in carbs.
I use High5 E-Source that comes in a powder.
I carry one bidon with enough calories for the entire ride. I will divide the bidon using a black texter into hourly sections.
I have an aero drink bottle on the front of my bike.
I make sure that I squeeze in say half a section, and fill it up with 500mls water. 30 mins or so later I do the same thing again, and make sure I consume a "section" every hour.

Also in that bidon I have put all the extra electrolytes I need.
E-Source has electrolytes, but not enough for me. So I do my calculations and work out how many grams more of sodium I need to make up 1 gram per hour.
I use thermolytes or salt sticks.

So, all I need from aid stations is water.
I only use special needs for just in case. I don't put anything in there that I actually need. Its an emergency back up that I've never used!

Onto the run...

Around T2 and the first 10 mins of running HR is generally higher with adrenalin. So I won't put anything in until I have settled...

I alternate what I do at each aid station, since they are usually every mile, or 2 kms. I should be running at approx. 7 min mile, or 8.30 per 2 kms ish.

1st Aid station- Coke, water and 1 or 2 x electrolyte tablets. (300mgs sodium per tablet) At this point it depends slightly on the weather.

2nd Aid station- Half a High5 gel and water

and repeat, repeat, repeat!

So for me this works out at approx. 2 gels per hour, and 6-8 electrolyte tablets.(1.8 - 2.4gs sodium)
I would use the special needs on the run for half my gels, and spare electrolyte tablets.

I consume way fewer calories on the run since I have found that your stomach just can't cope with much. But you need more electrolytes since you sweat more. Advice and experience has proved that I work well with around 2gs sodium per hour on the run.

I have asked for advice from other Professionals over the years. Athletes who are experienced, yet have made their own mistakes along the way. It was a huge help for me.

I hope this is of help to someone out there!
If you want to try something different, try it in training, then if it works, in a B- priority race.

If any questions arise from this, I'll try to cover them for you.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No more Heart Rate training

After 6 years of strapping on a heart rate monitor it's GONE!
I feel free and liberated and the chaffing scars have started to disappear.

I was very resistant at first. That's an understatement! I was almost dependent on it. If I went out the door without it I felt as if something was missing- I was almost naked! But now, after 3 months without it, I couldn't imagine putting it on.

So now it is the biggest relief not to wear it. I was a slave to it. I wouldn't look at it all the time, I thought. But I would come home and write down or upload my data. Sometimes I would compare it to previous sessions, often I didn't look at it ever again. But I felt I needed it. It was an obsession and a crutch.

For 6 years I also raced with it. I felt like I needed it to know "how" to race.
What I now realize is that I know how to race. I know what race pace feels like. I'm now able to make pacing decisions based on feel. I know when I am giving too much or too little intrinsically. I'm not constrained by what my watch is telling me.

In training my directions are to go easy, moderate or hard. It's very simple, and it's all based on feel. Easy one day might be very different to easy another day, and that's how it should be. When I'm feeling good, I can give a bit more. When I'm feeling tired my hard won't be as hard.

It's very easy to follow a training plan that is so simple. An "easy effort" is very straightforward to understand. I don't get confused or annoyed that my HR isn't doing what it should be.

I now worry less, and am more relaxed. I'm free to concentrate on my training and can cut out the noise. I match my effort with what the session requires.

Thank you ironguides for freeing me from slavery!

"You know you're smashed when...

You get out of the shower, look in the mirror, and you still have shampoo in your hair"

~Kristian Manietta, 7pm Tues 18th Nov 2008.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Port Mac Half Photos

Photos by Fuse Photography.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The money shot

Monday, November 10, 2008

Victory at Port Macquarie

You may notice the speed to which good news goes to press as opposed to bad news!

Today I won the Port Macquarie Half Ironman, in 4.36. I was very happy and relieved to get the win. I was really nervous before the race as it was my first one as a defending champion and target on my head. I was pre race favourite and predicted by commentator Pete Murray to win by a country mile- even more pressure!

I’m feeling really good post Kona. I took 2 weeks completely off, and then put in a solid 2 weeks of training, more quality than volume. And it’s worked. I feel like I am somewhat back in race shape, in a very short space of time.
Thanks to husband and coach Kristian of

I had strict instructions to hammer the swim and bike. I did well in the swim, a 26.41, and not too far off the leading females.

I was really looking forward to the bike and riding my brand, spanking new Kestrel Airfoil SE, woo hoo! She is beautiful. However, it was only her second time on the road, the first being only 40 mins. I was sooo keen to ride her. I know you shouldn’t change things just before a race let alone a whole bike…

So anyway I had a couple of “mechanicals” that I am glad to say didn’t affect the outcome.

Throughout the ride I could hear scraping and scuffing. It was my front aero drink bottle hitting my front tire. A 47cm frame is too little for it. I thought about ejecting it. But with the way I organise my nutrition I really needed to have it.

Suddenly at about 25ks my position on the bike seemed to have changed. I was thinking, “What’s happened?” “Is it my imagination or am I now feeling in a bit of a weird position?”
My seat had taken a nosedive to a 45-degree angle! I was sliding forward off the front. I gave the seat a tug to see if it was going to come off. No, it seemed to be solid. So there was no way I was going to stop, I didn’t have time. There were far too many girls too close behind me. So I spent the remaining 70kms uncomfortable, continually shifting backwards, and wondering what toll this was going to have on my legs.
I did recall Bek Keat’s seat incident in IM Australia where she actually went on to win the race, so I thought I could cope for 65kms.
So after a challenging ride in pretty windy conditions, I eventually caught the leading female in the last 10ks, actually an age grouper. I really wanted to be first off the bike, and put in as big a time gap as possible between the trailing runners and myself. I have never been first off the bike before, it was a great feeling.

It was such a shame I didn’t get to fully enjoy the new bike. But it’s the first mechanical I’ve had in any race in my whole time in triathlon! I’ve never even had a flat. No, I’m not jinxing myself.
So anyway let my silliness be a lesson to you all! You don’t make changes that you haven’t had the chance to test just before a race!

I was really pleased with my run. I decided to go off quick, and really had to maintain it if I wanted the win. I was averaging just under 4 minute ks until I hit the hills. Tara Prowse was about 400 metres behind me, and I didn’t think she could go faster than that to be able to gain on me. It’s a time when you have to have confidence in your own ability and confidence that you know others. It’s a gamble. Lucky for me it paid off. I think she worked hard on that first lap to try and catch me, and faded on the second. I felt strong, and got myself into a rhythm, tapping along. I ran a 1.26. It’s a PB for me on this course.

I’m very happy post race that I don’t have much muscle soreness at all. It’s very surprising considering the undulating course. I put it down to my higher run cadence.- Best thing I ever did. Another thank you to Coach Kristian. (just trying to make up for forgetting him in my speech☺)

So I’m really confident that I’m well on track for IM Western Australia that is now only 4 weeks away. The style of training that I’m now doing under Ironguides means that I’m able to recover and back up, mentally and physically, in a shorter space of time. Which means more racing, which is what it’s all about.

Thank you to Bernard and Scody, who not only are the major sponsor of this event, but one of my major sponsors. I spent Saturday doing a photo shoot with team Scody; Tim Berkel, Adam Holborow, Bek Keat and Kristian, and had a lot of fun.

Another one of my sponsors, who also sponsored the event was High5. Again I had an excellent stomach and energy levels. Thank you.

Thanks to Craig and Nicole of Blue Seventy who were on hand race morning to make the final adjustments to my wetsuit, and to queues of Blue Seventy athletes.

Thanks to the local organising committee who are so passionate about their race. That’s why it’s one of the best. To the local bike shop, Gordon St Cycles, who helped me pre-race- and didn’t have anything to do with the seat!

Thanks to all my other sponsors; Kestrel, BioCeuticals, Nike, Zipp, Timex, Tri Travel, 3T, Oakley, Hypo2, Alkalife, Cep, TP Therapy and Compex and Daryl Philips my ART guru at Performance Health Newport.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland.

It's been a hectic few weeks.

Flew back from Hawaii.
Spent a week in Sydney catching up with the relos, (Aussie relatives) and friends whilst collecting our belongings from about 10 different garages around the city.
Packed it all into a 3 tonne truck, and set off for a new chapter of our lives in Queensland! 15 hours north, and a different time zone.

Why Queensland?
Because we can!

Sydney is a fantastic city, but its not an ideal home for triathletes. We base our rides around the flow of traffic. If you want to ride out of Sydney on the weekend you have to be in a group and you have to leave at 6am!
Whilst there are tonnes of 50m pools, to get to one you battle the traffic if you go at the wrong time, and pay for parking if there is any.
Running you can do anywhere...

So whilst we have made the best of Sydney since we have been triathletes, now that we have the opportunity to live anywhere in Australia, why not be in a location that is perfect?

Kristian is now a coach with Ironguides and his clients are all online at the moment. His work with TP Therapy doesn't require him to be in Sydney, and if he needs to get there its an hour flight and the airport is 15 mins away...puuurfect.

So we chose the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Why?
It's hotter in the "winter". Put it this way- we'll have year round tans:)
There's great riding in the Hinterland. Plenty of challenging terrain and flats, that can be accessed at any time of day.

We are surrounded by National Parks with heaps of trails to run on.

We have an outdoor 25m pool a 5 min drive away, and an awesome 50m pool with gym 15 mins away. Almost $2 cheaper than Sydney pools, and no parking fee. Plus we can swim in the ocean year round. Noosa Main Beach is sheltered and perfect for open water swimming.
There's good reason the Sunshine Coast is home to the Grangers, the Bennetts, Lisbeth Kristensen and Andrew Johns and is known as the Australia's triathlon mecca.
And apparently soon to be training camp of Ironman's World Champion...We'll have some interesting new neighbors.

Before you ask, Kristian is adamant that he will always be a New South Welshman at heart, and will never support the cane toads.

I'll post some photos soon of Kristian in his new Queensland attire- ugg boots (sheep skin boots), wife beater (thats Aussie for cotton vest) with beer in one hand and BBQ tongs in the other:)

Happy training

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hawaii Photo Gallery

Chatting on stage at the Expo about my new Kestrel Airfoil SE

The age group swim start- Kristian is the swimmer right at the bottom of the photo looking straight at the camera- lucky coincidence!

With good friend Toby Jones of Art of Tri

Yes Kristian is smaller than me in this photo- he says its because he was so deflated! aaww.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Big Island- off the bike:)

Post race, we were very fortunate to spend the rest of the week at a resort in Waikaloa thanks to my parents. xx
A few days R &R is all we seem to need- then we start to get itchy feet!

So on Thursday we got up at 4am and drove up to the top of Mauna Kea to watch the sunrise. It was absolutely sensational and well worth the early start.
We took thousands of photos, these are just a few of the best...

Then on Friday it was off to Honolulu, and up Diamond Head. Note- go early, the crowds are pretty claustrophobic. It was amusing that they were selling "I hiked Diamond Head T-shirts" just like IM finishers tops. For some people it looked as tough as an Ironman. Scary.