Wednesday, December 17, 2008

R&R Sunshine Coast Style

Its tough...the day starts with a pre brekky dip in the Pacific, with a lesson in body surfing. I'm a big girls blouse when it comes to actually catching a wave. But when I do, I love it.
You wouldn't recognise me as a triathlete; I take forever to get in the water, first I dip the toes, then up to the ankles, then the knees. It has nothing to do with the water temperature- its 24 degrees! It's just the way I've learnt from my Mum, and her Mum:) They did have cold water to brave, and I've inherited their ways!
You would not believe that at 7am its scorching hot, and you could really wear sunscreen.

We've bought the Queensland essential- a BBQ. No home is complete up here without one. Cooking indoors is just way too hot! Last night we had our Hawaiian favourite- Mahi Mahi with papaya and pear salsa- yummmy. Kristian is very happy with his first ever BBQ purchase- and I am happy since the BBQ is his domain- I prep- he cooks.

The man at work- Its so tough, he needs a beer!
He's wearing the Queensland uniform- boardies and wife beater:)

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Dunstan said...

Save a beer for me! I'll pick up my WB and boardies on the way up! Should I bring the inflatable mattress?