Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summerland Sprint Champ

On Sunday I raced the Summerland Sprint triathlon, and came in first female, and 4th overall, with a new course record in 1.00.21. I felt great and it was a big confidence boost. My training has been going really well, and I feel like I am getting stronger, and this result confirms it for me.
10.32 swim, 33 bike and 16.45 run (i think a little short, I felt good, but there's no way I ran that quick).
Kristian was 3rd overall. Thank you Kettle Valley for the lovely wine.

The really good part is that I was able to swim fast without feeling out of control and thrashing. My swim training has changed significantly for this Kona build up. I doubted it at first- I wasn't improving, then all of a sudden- boom- a few good sessions, and now I am confident that we are on the right track. I now look forward to my trips to the pool as I can see my times dropping. It's based on getting me to be able to start fast, and then get into a rhythm and sustain it. In the past I've felt like I've only had one speed, so I got left behind at the gun.

I learnt in Kona last year that the swim is more important than in other races. Most of the top 10 women came from the one pack of swimmers. I need to be in that pack this year!


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Christophe said...

Must be your new feel faster...then you go faster!