Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aloha from the Big Island

This year we are here nice and early to have plenty of time to settle in and acclimatise to the Hawaii heat. I'm very glad because the sessions we have done so far have been noticeably harder, and knocked us around more than usual.

We arrived early on Wednesday 17th, and went straight to Lava Java for Breakfast. I love this place- great inexpensive fresh healthy local food, and an awesome view. We got to watch dolphins playing right in front of us, and it has free wireless internet.

On Sunday we rode the course. The winds weren't all that bad. I didn't have to cling on for dear life- or do the one armed aero position!
We've also swum on the course, I love watching all the beautiful fish swimming underneath you.

It's my third time racing here, and Kristian's first. I think I prefer him to be racing and not watching- he gets way too stressed, and it gets me stressed too! I think we have another week before people start arriving, so I will enjoy the serenity whilst it lasts:)

Here are some photos from around the place...
We have arrived!The drive out of the airport.Lava Java, waiting for my brekky, and catching up with facebook:)
This great mural is usually hidden by the Expo.

A Lizzy Lizard
Outside the front door of our condo.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Looks like a great tool to grow the tri community.

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Muskoka Post Race

I am disappointed. I can’t help it. I worked too hard to be happy with 4th. My training has been going so well. I don’t feel this result properly reflects my fitness right now. Everyone tells me I am too hard on myself, but I can't be content with below-par performances, when I know I can do better. Harsh but fair.

Kristian raced a half in Washington State on Saturday, and won the race outright. His best result ever. This was very exciting news as we have been doing the same training. I had a really good feeling about Muskoka, and I was really excited and more nervous than usual, I think too nervous. I usually sleep really well pre-race; this time I got less than 5 hours. I really thought this was going to be my day.

It’s Tuesday now, and although my initial feeling of disappointment is still there I am starting to pick out the positives. And there are always positives.


• Swim felt easy and controlled. Coulda and shoulda gone harder.
• It was my first race without a heart rate monitor and it felt good.
• My stomach felt fantastic, and my nutrition was perfect apart from allowing for only 2.5 hours on the bike rather than the 2.47 that it took me.
• I felt tired on the bike, but I think lack of sleep and lack of tapering rather than lack of fitness.
• I rode aggressively in wet conditions, and didn’t let the rain bother me. Post Roth I had a fear of being in conditions like that again. Thankfully Muskoka was wet but not cold.
• Run legs felt strong. I tapped along at a higher cadence, and I if the girls ahead weren’t so far gone I think I could have stepped it up.
• I won some money!
• I got to race in a beautiful location, go to Ontario for the first time, and made some new friends.
• I got the most beautiful and unique trophy I have ever won. Designed and made by local artist Paul Fogerty, this one is going straight to the pool room☺


• I got too nervous before the race and didn’t dissipate it. Which caused me to have a bad nights sleep.
• I was not ready for the start of the swim, I wasn’t in position or expecting the gun to go off when it did.
• I didn’t give myself enough of a taper to race well here.
• I should have had the juice in my legs to go with the girls that passed me.
• I should have been motivated enough by personal achievement to go harder on the run, despite the lack of possibility of gaining places.
• I think I race better when Kristian is there to calm me down, so I can voice my fears and he can tell me to shut up!

A big bunch of excuses? But if I don’t evaluate and look at what went right as well as what went wrong then I can’t move on. And I am moving on.

I’ve got to thank everyone that helped me this trip. I was totally reliant on other peoples generosity - to drive me from Toronto airport to Huntsville- thank you Katherine Knight and Alasdair, to put me up in Huntsville- The Gibson’s, to take me back to Toronto, put me up for the night and drop me off at the airport the following day- a big thank you to Steve Fleck and Paolina Allan, and Mike for driving my bike box!

And lastly thanks to Mitch and Janet Fraser for putting on the most well organised event I have ever taken part in. No joke it was clockwork.

Today I am off to the Big Island to finish off my preparation and to work on the tan☺ Life is really not that bad.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Muskoka Pre Race

I have arrived in beautiful "cottage county", Huntsville in Ontario, 2 days out from Muskoka 70.3.
Carrying on my home stay hopping tour, I am staying with the Gibsons in Huntsville. Thank you.

I swam in Fairy Lake this morning, not early, but not a soul to be seen. It was so eerie. The water was dead calm, it was misty, the skies were grey, nothing was moving. But me! I had a great swim, and then rode a part of the bike course. It's undulating to start with, which looks like a lot of fun. Then I think we hit the freeway and some flats, and then back into the undulations. I think coming here from training in Penticton I should be fine. The run looks beautiful. Shame we are a bit early for fall, as I hear the changing of the leaves is pretty spectacular. But weather wise we wouldn't want it any cooler. I think today hit a high of a balmy 21 degrees. In Penticton I have seen rain once in 6 weeks- on IM day. Apparently in Huntsville it has rained all summer long. Oh well. We get what we get. But I will have the clothes ready this time.

I'm resting up and looking forward to Sunday. Looks like the competition will be Joanna Zeiger, Lisa Bentley and Tereza Macel.

I'm feeling fitter than ever, so I'm really keen to get out there and race. I have no excuses, no injuries and nothing to lose!

Feeling positive.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"If you risk nothing, then you risk everything."

Geena Davis.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Summerland Sprint Champ

On Sunday I raced the Summerland Sprint triathlon, and came in first female, and 4th overall, with a new course record in 1.00.21. I felt great and it was a big confidence boost. My training has been going really well, and I feel like I am getting stronger, and this result confirms it for me.
10.32 swim, 33 bike and 16.45 run (i think a little short, I felt good, but there's no way I ran that quick).
Kristian was 3rd overall. Thank you Kettle Valley for the lovely wine.

The really good part is that I was able to swim fast without feeling out of control and thrashing. My swim training has changed significantly for this Kona build up. I doubted it at first- I wasn't improving, then all of a sudden- boom- a few good sessions, and now I am confident that we are on the right track. I now look forward to my trips to the pool as I can see my times dropping. It's based on getting me to be able to start fast, and then get into a rhythm and sustain it. In the past I've felt like I've only had one speed, so I got left behind at the gun.

I learnt in Kona last year that the swim is more important than in other races. Most of the top 10 women came from the one pack of swimmers. I need to be in that pack this year!