Saturday, September 13, 2008

Muskoka Pre Race

I have arrived in beautiful "cottage county", Huntsville in Ontario, 2 days out from Muskoka 70.3.
Carrying on my home stay hopping tour, I am staying with the Gibsons in Huntsville. Thank you.

I swam in Fairy Lake this morning, not early, but not a soul to be seen. It was so eerie. The water was dead calm, it was misty, the skies were grey, nothing was moving. But me! I had a great swim, and then rode a part of the bike course. It's undulating to start with, which looks like a lot of fun. Then I think we hit the freeway and some flats, and then back into the undulations. I think coming here from training in Penticton I should be fine. The run looks beautiful. Shame we are a bit early for fall, as I hear the changing of the leaves is pretty spectacular. But weather wise we wouldn't want it any cooler. I think today hit a high of a balmy 21 degrees. In Penticton I have seen rain once in 6 weeks- on IM day. Apparently in Huntsville it has rained all summer long. Oh well. We get what we get. But I will have the clothes ready this time.

I'm resting up and looking forward to Sunday. Looks like the competition will be Joanna Zeiger, Lisa Bentley and Tereza Macel.

I'm feeling fitter than ever, so I'm really keen to get out there and race. I have no excuses, no injuries and nothing to lose!

Feeling positive.

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Christophe said...

Positive vibes on their way...from Sy-de-ney :-)