Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aloha from the Big Island

This year we are here nice and early to have plenty of time to settle in and acclimatise to the Hawaii heat. I'm very glad because the sessions we have done so far have been noticeably harder, and knocked us around more than usual.

We arrived early on Wednesday 17th, and went straight to Lava Java for Breakfast. I love this place- great inexpensive fresh healthy local food, and an awesome view. We got to watch dolphins playing right in front of us, and it has free wireless internet.

On Sunday we rode the course. The winds weren't all that bad. I didn't have to cling on for dear life- or do the one armed aero position!
We've also swum on the course, I love watching all the beautiful fish swimming underneath you.

It's my third time racing here, and Kristian's first. I think I prefer him to be racing and not watching- he gets way too stressed, and it gets me stressed too! I think we have another week before people start arriving, so I will enjoy the serenity whilst it lasts:)

Here are some photos from around the place...
We have arrived!The drive out of the airport.Lava Java, waiting for my brekky, and catching up with facebook:)
This great mural is usually hidden by the Expo.

A Lizzy Lizard
Outside the front door of our condo.


aa said...

All pictures are very good...
I hope you had great fun over there and you enjoyed every single moment...


rebecca said...

Hi Charlotte

We were at the table with you in Muskoka for the awards and we just realized we ran past you on Alii drive this morning. I hope your training is going well and you are enjoying Kona. We'll be cheering for you!
Dylan & Rebecca