Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Muskoka Post Race

I am disappointed. I can’t help it. I worked too hard to be happy with 4th. My training has been going so well. I don’t feel this result properly reflects my fitness right now. Everyone tells me I am too hard on myself, but I can't be content with below-par performances, when I know I can do better. Harsh but fair.

Kristian raced a half in Washington State on Saturday, and won the race outright. His best result ever. This was very exciting news as we have been doing the same training. I had a really good feeling about Muskoka, and I was really excited and more nervous than usual, I think too nervous. I usually sleep really well pre-race; this time I got less than 5 hours. I really thought this was going to be my day.

It’s Tuesday now, and although my initial feeling of disappointment is still there I am starting to pick out the positives. And there are always positives.


• Swim felt easy and controlled. Coulda and shoulda gone harder.
• It was my first race without a heart rate monitor and it felt good.
• My stomach felt fantastic, and my nutrition was perfect apart from allowing for only 2.5 hours on the bike rather than the 2.47 that it took me.
• I felt tired on the bike, but I think lack of sleep and lack of tapering rather than lack of fitness.
• I rode aggressively in wet conditions, and didn’t let the rain bother me. Post Roth I had a fear of being in conditions like that again. Thankfully Muskoka was wet but not cold.
• Run legs felt strong. I tapped along at a higher cadence, and I if the girls ahead weren’t so far gone I think I could have stepped it up.
• I won some money!
• I got to race in a beautiful location, go to Ontario for the first time, and made some new friends.
• I got the most beautiful and unique trophy I have ever won. Designed and made by local artist Paul Fogerty, this one is going straight to the pool room☺


• I got too nervous before the race and didn’t dissipate it. Which caused me to have a bad nights sleep.
• I was not ready for the start of the swim, I wasn’t in position or expecting the gun to go off when it did.
• I didn’t give myself enough of a taper to race well here.
• I should have had the juice in my legs to go with the girls that passed me.
• I should have been motivated enough by personal achievement to go harder on the run, despite the lack of possibility of gaining places.
• I think I race better when Kristian is there to calm me down, so I can voice my fears and he can tell me to shut up!

A big bunch of excuses? But if I don’t evaluate and look at what went right as well as what went wrong then I can’t move on. And I am moving on.

I’ve got to thank everyone that helped me this trip. I was totally reliant on other peoples generosity - to drive me from Toronto airport to Huntsville- thank you Katherine Knight and Alasdair, to put me up in Huntsville- The Gibson’s, to take me back to Toronto, put me up for the night and drop me off at the airport the following day- a big thank you to Steve Fleck and Paolina Allan, and Mike for driving my bike box!

And lastly thanks to Mitch and Janet Fraser for putting on the most well organised event I have ever taken part in. No joke it was clockwork.

Today I am off to the Big Island to finish off my preparation and to work on the tan☺ Life is really not that bad.



Andrew said...

It was fun to read your thoughts on the race. After seeing your test results in Vernon a few weeks ago, I can attest to the fact that you did not meet our potential in Muskoka. I think your evaluation that you were not fully rested is probably most accurate, along with your comment about holding back on the run because there was nobody to chase down.

The best part for me was to hear your cadence was turning over on the run, and you felt strong, despite the lack of sleep, recent travel and epic training preceding the race.

So, get your chin up, and get ready to see what your body can REALLY do when it is properly rested, and the whole world is watching in a few short weeks. My money is still on you for a top three overall, with a shot at the title if the race comes together as it should. It is going to be a tough day if you want to meet your goals, there is no doubt, but well within your reach.

Dream big, rest, and race like you have nothing to lose. Nothing is done until you cross the finish line, so keep fighting!

Balance Point Racing said...

Hi Charlotte
Thanks for sharing about your race. I thought you were going to win too....until I heard you ran 3 hrs on Tues, and rode 5.5 hrs on Wed. I'm sure it's terrific training for the BIG SHOW, but I bet you the other woman actually tapered for this event. You still made money, had an adventure, and are all the more trained for the Big Island.

It sure was fun watching Kristian battle it out with Tom in GC. We had a super fun weekend.