Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The adventure starts

The Noosa Hinterland with Andy and Greg
An evening swim at the Noosa Aquatic Centre. I think my new favourite pool.
Recovery session with the TP kit.
The BIG Pelican!
As of Tuesday 10th June we became homeless. Our stuff was spread over friends and relative's garages across Sydney and our Honda Jazz was packed to the roof top and we were off North on the start of our 4 month adventure.

Our first stop is here in Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. This place rocks! It is triathlete heaven! We are here for our final prep. for Roth which is now only a month away. We have been starting our rides with the local shop riders and they are a really friendly bunch. We seem to have bumped into all the people we needed to bump into and have been shown around the best places to ride, run and swim- there are tonnes of them:)
The roads are super smooth, there are no traffic lights, there is a huge variety of terrain and easy to escape the minimum traffic. I rode for the first time in a long time without constantly looking over my shoulder, or being on edge all day, stressed at the constant abuse from drivers.

So Noosa is so far ticking all the boxes...did I also mention the 50 m outdoor pool in which I don't shiver, adn the National Park full of trails?? All within spitting distance.

Next stop will be Germany for Quelle-Challenge Roth, then over to the UK to visit with my family in Somerset before heading to Canada for Hawaii base training in Penticton and then over to Hawaii in August a long lead up to the World Champs. The home!

But we have no home!
When we come back to Australia we have decided that post IM Western Australia we will move to the Sunshine Coast permanently. We haven't decided where yet, and that is really very exciting. It could be anywhere between Tweed Heads and Noosa. Any suggestions?? The only criteria is nearness to an airport and awesome training.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Texas comes to Rose Bay

The last 2 weeks we have had a house guest- Cassidy Phillips the Founder and Creator of Trigger Point Technologies. Kristian and Cassidy ran Regen Classes and Ultimate 6 Clinics in Sydney and Melbourne.

It has been a fantastic opportunity to talk biomechanics and to get Cassidy's insights and opinions on movement patterns, common injuries and dysfunction. Cassidy was able to video both Kristian and I whilst training and to then review our movement patterns with a view to making us more efficient- and faster:)
I have learnt a tonne from his time with us, including some more advanced manipulation techniques with the Trigger Point products.

This "bad ass" Texan is a real character, and I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. So thank you for coming Cassidy, for spending quality time with us, keeping us entertained and imparting some of your vast knowledge. Much appreciated, I feel very fortunate.