Saturday, August 30, 2008

A New Charlotte

When I came to Canada I made the call that I was going to chop my hair off. Time to get serious. A symbolic gesture that I am down to business now.
I had kind of forgotten about it, my training has been going really well. I have been down to business without the hair cut.
But, Kristian reminded me of my I had to follow through! And I am very glad I did.
I love my new hair. I feel free and liberated! It is the very latest in SL technology:) It's going to shave minutes off my time over an Ironman. Better still it is going to be super cool.
So if you have ever wondered about what you would look like with short hair- Just do it!


1 comment:

Christophe said...

Beautiful Charlotte!

Looks like Nikita's look...i feel the killer instinct developing and hatching just in time for Kona:-)