Monday, August 25, 2008

Adam van Koeverden Silver in K 500m

From an interview with Adam Van Koeverden after a devastating loss in the men's K 1000, the following day grabbing silver in the K 500m.

Unable to read or concentrate as he tried alternately to forget what happened in the Friday race and figure out what had gone wrong, van Koeverden said between a handful of cold showers and restless pacing he probably grabbed only about four hours sleep.

"I wrote down things that I wanted to be today, in the morning," he told reporters. "I don't write very much, but after I got out of bed I wrote things I wanted to be.
And I said I wanted to be strong. And confident. Triumphant. And the last one was 'Adam'. Try to be myself, because I wasn't yesterday. And you know, I got a little bit of it back."

I was really touched by this guy. He was a favorite for the 1000, and was totally destroyed by his loss. Absolutely killed, with no explanation, no excuses, just didn't have it. He did some soul searching, and he came up trumps.

Stories like these make the Olympics for me.

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