Saturday, December 20, 2008

My husbands most ANNOYING habit.

I make lunch for us, put it on the table, and call him from his office, where he's been working at the computer all morning...I have saved up all the things I want to tell him or talk to him about, because I try not to disturb him when he's working...he comes out, only once he is sure the plate has hit the table- I think he listens for the chink! Then...he comes out of his office...sits down, and grabs anything nearby that he can read, and he's in another world again! How rude!:)

CAUGHT! See the cheeky grin!
He makes me laugh, he knows it annoys me, he just can't help himself. He even has to read on the loo. I call him the sponge, absorb, absorb, absorb!

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Christophe said...

I totally relate to this habit :-)