Monday, December 8, 2008

2nd at IMWA

Just a quick post...

I had a great day to finish in 9 hours and 6 mins. Gina Ferguson was just too strong for me, finishing in 8 hours 59, had a cracking race and broke the course record that I set last year.
The difference between us at the end was all in the swim. Gina biked a couple of mins quicker and vice versa on the run. She led from start to finish and I spent the day chasing!
I gave it everything I had, and there's no more I can do than that.

My husband and ironguides coach, Kristian had his best day in IM so far. He went 8:58 and WON his highly competitive 30-34 age group. The roles have been reversed! I am now "wife of Kristian Manietta", rather than he being "husband of Charlotte Paul":)
I had to attend Hawaii roll down, whilst he collected his spot!
I'm very happy and proud of him.

Full race report coming soon...

Friend Amanda Balding enjoying the finish line party.

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