Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is coming, the Goose is getting fat!

and so is Charlotte!:)
So, time to get back into training...

It's been just over 2 weeks since Ironman. I've had 2 weeks of "movement" but nothing structured and no training. I did things like swim in the ocean, body surf, go for short hikes and walk along the beach...nothing too energetic! But importantly I didn't totally stop either. I gave myself a physical and mental break from routine and the discipline, but I kept moving.

It's always my biggest break of the year, after IM WA, and the timing is really good with Christmas. I've eaten all of the things I would normally eat very rarely like pizza, burgers, ice cream, pasta, potato chips, bread, mince pies:) Its a total break for me. I even read some junk too!

If I take too long off, it becomes increasingly difficult to come back. When we stop our body goes into "flight mode". The is no "fight" in the systems since our hormones are shut down and not available, and we become flat. Whilst we do want the systems to recover we don't want to lose everything we've worked so hard to develop.

This week I am back training again. But I'm easing back into it this week, letting my body find its routine again, and stimulating the systems.
During this first week, I can slowly wake up the systems back into "fight mode" whilst still recovering. I'll be doing strength, speed, motor skills and race tolerance work without the volume. There will definitely be no long and slow work. Unless I want to race long and slow:)
I follow "The Method" approach of inverted periodization which focuses on developing technique,strength and speed first and endurance closer to your event(s).

To read more on how my training is structured with ironguides, read this article by Sergio Borges, ironguides Coach - San Diego, CA

Or about why NOT to go long and slow right now, read this article by Vinnie Santana, ironguides Coach - Bangkok, Thailand
"If you are a long-distance triathlete, forget those hours and hours on the bike early in the year. Instead of the usual 4-6h rides with your group or on the trainer, how about a Time Trial with some training partners? Or a strength oriented set in a bigger gear and low cadence? Same with the run and swim. Focus on speed, strength, and holding a perfect technique while doing this, then once the racing season gets closer, shift your training to a specific plan."... read more


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