Friday, November 7, 2008

Beautiful Sunshine Coast Queensland.

It's been a hectic few weeks.

Flew back from Hawaii.
Spent a week in Sydney catching up with the relos, (Aussie relatives) and friends whilst collecting our belongings from about 10 different garages around the city.
Packed it all into a 3 tonne truck, and set off for a new chapter of our lives in Queensland! 15 hours north, and a different time zone.

Why Queensland?
Because we can!

Sydney is a fantastic city, but its not an ideal home for triathletes. We base our rides around the flow of traffic. If you want to ride out of Sydney on the weekend you have to be in a group and you have to leave at 6am!
Whilst there are tonnes of 50m pools, to get to one you battle the traffic if you go at the wrong time, and pay for parking if there is any.
Running you can do anywhere...

So whilst we have made the best of Sydney since we have been triathletes, now that we have the opportunity to live anywhere in Australia, why not be in a location that is perfect?

Kristian is now a coach with Ironguides and his clients are all online at the moment. His work with TP Therapy doesn't require him to be in Sydney, and if he needs to get there its an hour flight and the airport is 15 mins away...puuurfect.

So we chose the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Why?
It's hotter in the "winter". Put it this way- we'll have year round tans:)
There's great riding in the Hinterland. Plenty of challenging terrain and flats, that can be accessed at any time of day.

We are surrounded by National Parks with heaps of trails to run on.

We have an outdoor 25m pool a 5 min drive away, and an awesome 50m pool with gym 15 mins away. Almost $2 cheaper than Sydney pools, and no parking fee. Plus we can swim in the ocean year round. Noosa Main Beach is sheltered and perfect for open water swimming.
There's good reason the Sunshine Coast is home to the Grangers, the Bennetts, Lisbeth Kristensen and Andrew Johns and is known as the Australia's triathlon mecca.
And apparently soon to be training camp of Ironman's World Champion...We'll have some interesting new neighbors.

Before you ask, Kristian is adamant that he will always be a New South Welshman at heart, and will never support the cane toads.

I'll post some photos soon of Kristian in his new Queensland attire- ugg boots (sheep skin boots), wife beater (thats Aussie for cotton vest) with beer in one hand and BBQ tongs in the other:)

Happy training

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Fernando said...

hi, I lived on the Gold Coast for a year back in 2001-2002 and the other day I was wondering which is the best place in the world for a triathlete and your post about the Sunshine Coast answered my question! Congrats on your blog and results!