Monday, May 4, 2009

Busso Half Win

I think I've set a scary precedent.
Actually I like it- normally I race halves before my Ironman races, so I get very little taper- the Half isn't the goal- I need to train through. This time I got 2 weeks "taper"!

I'm really happy with my result- A PB, a win and I'm just amazed that I could do it after I was so shattered post China.- Which seemed like only yesterday. Now with another race under the belt, it seems like a long time ago.

My week in Busselton was fantastic. I really enjoyed the schedule that TriWA put together for us pros- visiting a local school, chatting with the TriWA junior elites, a course swim and the best bit, congratulating kids at the finish of their triathlon.

Kristian and I also had a booth at the Expo for our Trigger Point Therapy tools, which was really successful.

Busso put on the perfect day for us, clear blue skies and very little wind. The swim was really calm, but there were a million hiding stingers. Lucky for me I don't react to them, but for a lot of people they were quite painful.

I swam a 26:42, which sounds good, but put me 2 mins off the leading female, Lisa Marangon. I felt fine, but lacked zip!

The bike was heaps of fun especially on the first lap, where we got clear roads, and I really enjoyed just getting into my rhythm and pushing hard. I overtook a couple of girls, and then remained in 2nd behind Lisa for the rest of the ride. Laps 2 and 3 were pretty hectic with the largest field Busso Half has ever seen- 1,100 individuals and 250 teams.

Kristian had to withdraw from the race due to a severe cold, so I was using his Zipp disc. What a treat! I'd never used one before. I was so excited to hear the "woof woof woof" noise- but with my aero helmet on I couldn't hear a darn thing! Disappointed!

I got off the bike 4 mins 15 behind Lisa. Kristian was extremely excited! He was quite sure I could catch her and the win was mine. I'm never as confident! I tapped into my China experience, and just concentrated on each step. I felt comfortable and ate into Lisa's lead each lap. By the start of the final lap I was just a minute behind. I had seen good friend Luke McKenzie win the mens race and now I really wanted to win too.

It was hard to get myself to hurt, but I had that winning feeling fresh from China, and I knew it would be worth it. The crowd support was amazing. I had so many people calling my name. I was loving it. I caught Lisa at the final turnaround with just 3kms to go.

Since I hadn't made the most of the finish chute in China- way too stuffed- so I might have looked disproportionately happy this time! But a win is a win, and they certainly don't usually come around very often!

Thanks to Triathlon WA, Hayley and Brian, to the race organisers, sponsors, volunteers and to all of my fantastic sponsors. Lastly to Kristian, my husband and ironguides coach, who again tailored my training perfectly.

Thank you also to all of you that came up to me and told me you read my blog. I'm so glad someone is! Hearing this encourages me to keep going with it, and I promise to write more.

Most definitely time for a rest. No more racing now until July 12th- The Quelle-Challenge Roth.


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