Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Geelong 70.3

I finished in 10th place in 4.42.
I can't say that I am disappointed. There is a direct cause and effect relationship.
Not in race shape= not great result.
I came back from camp with a chest infection and am on antibiotics. I am fit and strong, but with no top end at the moment. When the gun went I was left behind.

A week ago I wanted to pull out of the race, but instead decided to use it as a training day. I am pleased that I was able to put my ego to one side and just have the best day that I could. It's a very hard thing to do. It is a shame that this is the only 70.3 in Australia, and so I did want to do well, and had been really looking forward to racing. It's tough lining up against a World Class field knowing you are going to get a whooping!

In my five years in triathlon, this was my first time racing in Victoria.
It was a great location, we had fantastic weather and a huge amount of spectators. I love courses that are a lot of laps, and thats just what it was. The swim was flat as a pancake, the bike course could be fast but the wind really picked up, and the run was up and down and kept you interested.
The day was fun and I look forward to returning there next year- in better form.

Onwards and upwards from here. Time to get healthy, and back on track for IM Australia. I love our doctor- he suggested I spend the week working on "changeovers" :) Actually he is the best doctor I have ever had. He is so positive and enthusiastic he is a pleasure to go visit.


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