Tuesday, July 8, 2008


IM Germany as a spectator.

ok, no internet connection for over a week... so my news is a bit old.

Spent the weekend in Frankfurt watching IM Germany.
It was a psyche up exercise and was very successful. Macca had an awesome race as did Chrissie.
I think the Germans seem to really know how to put on a race and how to spectate! The crowds were amazing and apparently nothing compared to the crowds in Roth. Unbelieveable!

Photos coming soon... I have some great ones of Macca and Eneko running side by side.

OK Quick Facts;

Homestay, Awesome
Bike course, super smoothe, some hills, definitely not flat as people suspect...
Bakerys, everywhere and I am keeping my eyes closed.
You can buy tires from vending machines outside bike shops
You can buy beer in Maccas
You can buy cigarettes from vending machines in residential areas on the street corners.
Everyone rides bikes everywhere, even old ladies:)
Roth has a stainless-steel bottomed pool where you can watch your own reflection as you swim

OK, bye for now

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Christophe said...

Viel Glueck am Sonntag!