Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I won!

I am so so so happy that I won Ironman China!

I just arrived home to lots of hugs from Kristian. He's pretty chuffed too. I'm a total zombie, with swollen eyelids that look like sausages. I had post race insomnia- as usual- then a late night packing- because I got carried away with relaxing and hanginf out just enjoying the moment...and then a red eye flight= zombie. Very glad to be home. Off for a quick swim now to wake me up and flush out the arms and legs. Even wearing compression socks I'm a bit puffy from the flight and I guess Ironman maybe?

Race Report coming soon. Priority 1, there is no food in the house!
Till then, here's some photos...
Thank you everyone for your good luck messages, and your messages of congrats. I really appreciate it. I don't win all the time, this is very special for me.
Race morning...the water looks deceptively calm!
Myself and Hillary Biscay post race. I passed Hillary at about the 100-120km mark on the bike- I asked her if she was ok- I didn't expect to catch her at all...she said "all good babe"- I think she'd have said that no matter how she felt- one tough cookie!
At Awards with the Melbourne gang, Ben, Gab and Dave. Ben was 5th in his AG, and really gutted it out, Gab unfortunately ended up in medical, and Dave was stoked at completing his first Ironman, regardless of a blowout on time due to a blowout in his knee! I just met these guys in China and we hung out all week- they were great value.

Giving my speech. Whit Raymond spoilt me rotten on my birthday. It was great. My speech making skills still need a lot of improvement- but at least I didn't waste a whole day stressing this time- I just did it. And I actually enjoyed it up there. It's definitely the best birthday I've ever had, and the best present.
This is going straight to the 'Pool Room'!

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