Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ironman China

I’ve arrived at the host hotel in Hainan, for Ironman China. I’ve never stayed at a World Record breaking hotel before- and multiply that by 2! It’s has the World’s largest indoor spa and is the largest resort in China. I’m saving the spa visit for post race activities.

So the usual suspects are in town, and race week build up is hotting up. The weather however, has been pretty cool, no complaints.

I wonder sometimes why I chose to race in Asia? Ironman is hard enough without adding a communication barrier, a change in diet, water, climate and culture. But maybe that’s just why we all come. It’s an experience you don’t get anywhere else, and I think it makes the post race camaraderie all the better.

On our first trip to Haikou City to buy some groceries we witnessed some harsh Chinese living. A peaceful protest of older Chinese ladies blocked a street to all traffic. We were able to walk through, totally ignored, and be on our way. But we wondered what they were protesting about, we were told “land”. They were there for hours.

The road rules seem to be non-existent here. If you watch out of the front screen in your cab it’s like being on a roller coaster ride! Lots of swerving, cars driving in the opposite direction down hard shoulders, pedestrians stepping out, scooters, bicycles, water buffalo, goats etc…- total and utter chaos. It was hilarious, but so many near misses. I’ve been told that on race day the streets will be deserted- thank goodness.

I’m going on my first ride here this afternoon- with company! I would be terrified to go alone. I’m here without Kristian, but there are lots of Aussies and some of the guys who’ve been training in Noosa, Hilary Biscay, Luke McKenzie and Amanda Balding.

The Hotel has a great pool that’s perfect for lap swimming. I’m mindful of picking up bugs so the river will be saved for race day.

So I’m twiddling my thumbs a little bit. I’m not used to having so much time up my sleeves in race week. It’s nice, and I’ll have plenty of opportunity to watch my Rocky movies☺

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Dunstan said...

Ni Hao Lao Wei ;-)

Sounds a bit different to your average race in Australia. I bet the locals will be as fascinated by all the triathletes as you are by the local goings on.

Soak up the culture and thanks for the pics. Love to see some video of the buffalo.