Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy 91st Grandad!

My Grandad Grainger turns 91 today.
He lives in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
I love him to pieces.

Happy Birthday Grandad!

I have fond memories of my Grandad being really proud of my athletic achievements as a kid. You might laugh but I was actually a "swimmer" up to the age of 12.
I'm not sure if my Grandad ever saw me swim in a competition, because he lived so far away, but he made me feel good about being a good swimmer. He was proud and I liked that.

If he was staying in our house or vice versa, instead of saying "goodnight" at bedtime, he always said "see you on the splashboard", as in diving board. He still does to this day.

The good feelings associated with doing well in sports as a kid drew me back to competitive sport and triathlon, just before I turned 30!
I was probably heading for an early mid-life crisis. I hadn't found my passion in life and I felt like I was wasting my time in a dead end job that I didn't enjoy.
I wanted to be good at something again and have those good feelings back again...I think I took sport for granted as a kid, and didn't realize that it was in fact my passion.


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