Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The husband who doesn't answer back!

When Amanda and Luke were taking their gear out of the garage they found the "other" Kristian, and relocated him into the lounge. He's very low maintenance:) I always get my own way, doesn't argue and is always smiling.

Kristian's in San Diego for an ironguides camp and certification course, and Amanda and Luke have now found their own pad for the summer in Sunshine Beach- noice. So I'm all on my lonesome.

I'm getting into my own routine and it's really quite nice to only worry about me, to choose what I feel like eating, to lie diagonally across the bed, to only pick up my own mess...I should stop there!:) I do miss him, but you've gotta look at the positives. I think we'd be described as co-dependent, especially since Kristian is my coach and often my only training partner. It's not very often that I get to fend for myself, and I'm enjoying it. I'm sure Kristian is enjoying some time apart too.

There's a few things I can't do on my own and I find that quite frustrating. I need 2 people to pump my tires- one to pump and one to hold the nossle onto the valve- it's dodgy. And putting sunscreen on my back is a bit of pain in the butt.

I also might need to hire a hubby to tune in our TV. I've survived the last 3 months without it, but now the Tour Down Under and the Australian Open are about to start- it's now an emergency.


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