Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kristian- The Ladies Man!

Kristian at a BBQ with Amanda Balding, Belinda Granger and Hilary Biscay:)
We didn't want him to miss out, so he came along!

I admit I'm over the independence. The novelty has worn off. I need him to kick me up the butt when I'm feeling tired and give me that pep talk when I need it, especially since I'm in the thick of it for IM NZ- just 6 weeks to go now!

I forgive you Kristian! you can come home now:)

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Anonymous said...

everything will be fine ladies, just keep your heads up and you will achieve your goaqls. my father always use t tell me: dont fall behind, because you cant get back lost time. i forget why he said that, but the point is, here is your future looking you dead in the eye and what are you gonna say back... think about it and then wake up and kick some ass!