Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009, what's on?

What shall I do in 2009?

I'm in the process of putting together my races. It's a tricky process involving timing, emotional ties to certain races, travel logistics and expenses, potential earnings etc.

I've locked in;

Geelong 70.3 8th Feb - I was sick when I raced here last year. I loved the course, and it suits me having lots of laps. I look forward to doing this one healthy! A great kick start to the year, with no pressure. This is unfortunately Australia'a only 70.3 event. This distance has never been my strength, but I plan on changing that this year! If I can get faster over this distance it will benefit my Ironman speed.

Quelle-Challenge Roth 12th July - I really want to hit this race fit this year. I also want to race it in good conditions and experience the real Roth. This is a good opportunity to go sub 9, and tick off that goal. Always a strong field here so I know I will be pushed to my limits to get on the podium.

Hawaii IM 10th October- This is my key race of the year. To many in the industry, nothing else we do in the year matters- just how we perform on this one day on the Big Island. I'm learning to love this event; it's addictive to try and race hard in these conditions and under this kind of pressure.
I want to improve on my 11th spot in 2008 and crack the top 10. To be up on the stage in Hawaii would just be amazing, amazing, amazing!

IM Western Australia 5th December - I want to win this one back. I love this race. It always brings out the best in me. I really want the feeling of winning here again and I want to get back the course record. Its a very special race for me.

There's potential for an IM in the first quarter of the year. But not decided which one yet.
I'd also like to race more 70.3s and shorter races. I've yet to explore the options in Queensland, but would like to get overseas to race too.
So we shall see what fits.

The race I really want to do is IM Canada. The emotional choice! I love the course, it gets great crowds and I have a fantastic home stay there. But the timing is terrible- the end of August. I'd just love to be able to race the Canada course well since it's such a toughy and so honest. Watching Belinda win last year inspired me to train to be able to ride like her. But it looks like it might have to wait for another year...

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