Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today was UGLY!

I promised to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly.

Today was a perfect example of UGLY!
I woke tired, and took longer than usual to become coherent!

The first session of the day was something new for me, an ocean swim squad at Noosa Main Beach. We started at 5.30am (it gets light here at 4:58am!!), and did a series of short intervals out and around a couple of cans and in again. Doesn't sound too bad?? Throw in the biggest surf they've seen all summer, and its one heck of a grueling, ball breaker session! Also throw in 30 teenage surf clubbies and its a recipe for humble pie!!

I was starting with the faster group (well that's where my friends were...) and coming out at the back each time.- Less because of my swimming, but because I'm a hopeless body surfer! But I also found all the running through knee deep water absolutely exhausting!

I got totally nailed by one wave and ended up a long way down the beach:) I lost all my confidence and was just totally shattered. So called it a day early- after an hour- the session went for 90 punishing mins...

Luke was in his element, and Belinda, Amanda and Kristian all loved it. I watched in admiration. Amanda was worried that I'd not come back next week...I don't give up that easily:) I want to learn to conquer surf swimming, so that I can turn up to any race in any conditions and be prepared. If it doesn't kill me it'll make me one tough cookie.

So home for brekky and I was a total wreck. I have to laugh now, but I was smashed. I had an hour nap, but I reckon I could have slept all day:) I made myself get out of bed and eventually plucked up the courage to embark on session 2 of the day- a bike/run x3 brick!

I felt tired and my splits were way slower than I'm usually able to punch out. I made myself complete it and just tried to detach my emotions from the session. I thought "just do it", remembering how good it feels to finish a session that you "think" you are too tired to do- Without giving in to the emotions of tiredness- if that makes any sense.

Once all done, I felt a thousand times better. Much more energized. It's bonkers I know.

But you know, days like these are when you learn and grow, mentally and physically. If you stick with it and give it your best shot, no matter if is less than on other days- you can still get benefit from the day. You make forward progress. You are nearer your goal, and you reinforced the habit that you NEVER GIVE UP!

Tomorrow is a whole new day.


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