Friday, January 9, 2009

Pro Athlete House Guests...

We have 2 Pro athlete friends staying with us at the moment...Amanda Balding and Luke McKenzie. I think they're so used to staying with people that they fit right it, make themselves at home and are no trouble at all. Puurrfect! Plus Amanda is a SUPER STAR in the kitchen. You should see what she whips up for lunch- she's putting me to shame. But I love that she's taken over that department:) I'm really enjoying their company and having them to train with. They're happy, fun, positive people.

Although, I blame them for making me stray off my NYs resolutions in my first week! My going to bed and reading every night has been replaced with Californication, absolutely hilarious. I'd never seen or heard of it before this week- now I'm hooked!:) It's just so wrong! It makes me wonder if I've misheard or whether they really did just say that??

Well laughing is very good for the soul and I'm sure I can catch up on my book reading! The resolution to enjoy life more and be happy now, is definitely on track.

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